Matador Jobs Pro has a few prerequisites you should double check before your purchase. Get acquainted with these prerequisites before you purchase Matador as, in some cases, you may need to make upgrades to your website in order to run Matador. Here is what Matador Jobs requires:

  • A Bullhorn ATS Account with REST API Access
  • A WordPress 5.5 or greater website
  • A web server with PHP 7.2 or greater and with the PHP finfo() and sha module enabled.

For a more detailed explanation of those items, keep reading!

Bullhorn ATS Account

Matador Jobs currently connects exclusively to the Bullhorn ATS software. While we plan to add support for other ATS services in the future, to use Matador Job’s many features you should make sure you have a Bullhorn ATS account.

Further, your Bullhorn ATS account must have access to the Bullhorn REST API. While, at the time of this writing, this was included in most Bullhorn plans, you may want to check with your Bullhorn account representative to make sure.

WordPress-powered Web Site

Matador Jobs is a WordPress plugin. That means it requires a WordPress-powered website to run.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, or content management software, for maintaining website content. WordPress powers over 35% of unique websites on the internet and over 60% of CMS market-share. During an informal survey at the Bullhorn 2018 Engage Boston conference, the Matador team found that at least 80% of recruiting firms use WordPress for their online presence. There is a great chance that your company already uses WordPress.

What if You Don’t Use WordPress?

If your website is currently powered by another platform, for example SquareSpace, Wix, Drupal, HubSpot, or others, you will need to either migrate your website to WordPress or set up a “job board”-only secondary website powered by WordPress to host Matador Jobs. If you need help with this, let us know and either a member of our team or someone from our trusted referral network can assist!

Which WordPress Version?

Matador Jobs recommends WordPress 5.5 and requires at least WordPress 4.9.6

Matador Software strongly suggests you keep your WordPress version up to date with the most recent major release. This is to ensure you keep your website healthy with every security update and optimization as well as giving you access to new features that give you the best tools for your business.

If you run an older version of WordPress, that does not mean Matador will break. In fact, we at Matador Software commit to maintaining backward compatibility for all major versions (ie: 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, etc) released in the past two years. Matador Jobs Pro will support WordPress 4.9.8 and greater until December 5, 2020, and thereafter WordPress 5.0.x and greater until February 21st, 2021, and so on.

Even then, it is likely Matador will function on older versions of WordPress, however, we will not provide support to users running unsupported versions of WordPress.

See a list of WordPress releases by date

Web Host (Server) Requirements

You will need to host your website on a sufficiently powerful and up-to-date web host to host Matador Jobs. In most cases, if your web host can support WordPress, it can support Matador Jobs, however, we have a few tips to keep an eye out for.

What is the best web host for Matador?

Within the web hosting industry, there is a product offered by most providers called “managed WordPress hosting”. This is a specialized product that provides you a web hosting environment fully optimized for a WordPress site. Optimizations include configuring a server for maximum security, maximum speed, and maximum performance. This includes automatic updates to web host software and such things as PHP. Some managed WordPress hosts even automate common maintenance tasks, like WordPress core updates and WordPress theme and plugin updates.

We strongly recommend that you utilize a managed WordPress host when possible. If on a managed WordPress host, in most cases, you can ignore the remaining web host related prerequisites.

Some users with large numbers of jobs (200+) may require greater server resources that some managed WordPress servers are unwilling to extend to low-level client accounts. Notably, many plans at GoDaddy and WPEngine do not work well with Matador due to “long process killers.” We are working with the teams at these web hosting providers to optimize Matador for their platforms, and will update or remove this message as soon as we can.

Which PHP Version?

Matador Jobs officially requires PHP 7.2 or greater, but has limited but reliable functionality on PHP 5.6 and greater.

PHP is the programming language that powers Matador (and WordPress too).

Officially, the Matador Jobs project works with all current and security-supported versions of PHP. Matador Jobs Pro therefore supports PHP 7.2 and greater until at least November 30, 2020, and thereafter PHP 7.3 and greater until at least December 6th, 2021, and so on.

See a list of current and security-supported PHP versions

Unofficially, most of the Matador Jobs Lite and Matador Jobs Pro features, as well as many All-Access extensions, will run on older versions PHP, including PHP 5.6. Some features and extensions, however, require later versions of PHP and will fail gracefully if running an unsupported version of PHP.

Matador Jobs Pro’s “Candidate Source Tracking” feature and the Herefish Extension do not work without PHP 7.2 or later. More features and extensions will require later PHP versions moving forward.

We strongly recommend the most up-to-date PHP your web hosting provider will support. Newer versions of PHP are much faster than older versions; PHP 7.4 is 47% faster than PHP 5.6. Older versions of PHP are also subject to unpatched security venerabilities. Finally, supporting older PHP requires we forego the use of programmers’ tools meant to make Matador better.

PHP finfo() Module Required for Matador Jobs

In most cases, if you have PHP, you will have all of PHP’s modules. That said, sometimes an IT professional will install PHP without the various modules WordPress or Matador Jobs requires. Specifically, Matador Jobs Pro requires the finfo() module for functions related to process logging and resume handling.

If you’re having issues, you can put a file named phpinfo.php with the contents <?php phpinfo(); onto your web host. This page will output installed modules.

Not Sure? Need Help?

If you aren’t sure if your business, Bullhorn account, web site, or web host can support Matador Jobs’ prerequisites and need one of our friendly support team to assist you, feel free to reach out. We’ll be happy to help you judge if you are ready for Matador.

Updated on August 24, 2020

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