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If you’ve followed our Getting Started guide step-by-step, good news, you’re on the final step! We are now going to see our jobs on your site. This document will cover:

  • Viewing the Single Job page
  • Creating a Jobs page using the [matador_jobs] shortcode.
  • Viewing the Jobs Archive alternate to a shortcode-based page.
  • Settings that affect the display of front-end

Lets start with… a job.

The Single Job

To view a single job, provided your sync has successfully imported some jobs already, go to your WordPress admin area, then click or tap Matador Jobs in the menu.

A screenshot of the WordPress admin screen for Matador Jobs Job Listings.
A few demonstration jobs from our test website. Though it’s not visible in the screenshot, the mouse cursor is hovered near the “Peace Enforcement Officer” job, causing the submenu to appear.

By tapping or hovering your mouse over the table row containing a job, a submenu will appear. Click or tap on “view” to go to the job.

A screenshot of part of the job page on the "Twenty Seventeen" default WordPress theme.
A screenshot of part of the job page on the “Twenty Seventeen” default WordPress theme.

Every WordPress theme will cause the job page to look different.

Matador Jobs posts inherit as much styling, or look and feel, from the theme as possible. Since many WordPress themes are built custom to fit the branding of the business or entity the website represents, that means your job page should have similar fonts, colors, and layout to the rest of your site.

Depending on your settings, your application form may appear after your job description or an Apply Now button will guide users to the application.

Every WordPress theme is built differently, and sometimes the developer of a theme might not have prepared it for having posts like Job Listings on the site. If you see stuff that doesn’t belong, like “author” or “date”, this is a sign your post.php template–the default single post look/feel–was made too specifically. You will want to engage a local WordPress developer to either modify the default template or create a single-matador-job-listings.php template to customize this.

The Jobs Listing Page (Easiest Way)

The easiest way to create your jobs listing page is to make a new page and use the [matador_jobs] shortcode. Here is how you do that:

  • Log into the WordPress Admin area
  • Mouse hover, focus, or tap on Pages. Then click or tap on Add New in the submenu.
  • Name the new page. “Search Jobs” works great!
  • Add the shortcode using the method right for your WordPress install.
    • If using the WordPress Block Editor, create a new shortcode block by clicking on the + and typing shortcode. Enter [matador_jobs] into the box.
    • If using the WordPress Classic Editor, simply type [matador_jobs] into the box.
  • Click or tap Publish.

Now, we’ve created the page, but we need to teach Matador that this is the jobs page:

  • Mouse hover, focus, or tap on Matador Jobs and then click or tap Settings. Navigate to the Job Listings tab.
  • Scroll to the URL Settings section.
  • Change the Job Board Location setting to the name of the page you just created.

Great! Now, we can go visit that page on your site! The list of jobs will appear with the title, an excerpt of the job description, a job information header containing location, the job type, and the Bullhorn Job ID, and finally jobs navigation button(s), generated based on your settings.

The jobs navigation button(s) will reflect your application settings, showing either “More Info” and “Apply Now” buttons if the application is on a separate page, or just an “Apply Now” button if the application is appended to the job page.

The Job Information header can be enabled or disabled in settings. Older versions of Matador did not have this feature, and so it is toggle-able to provide backward-compatibility.

Screenshot of a jobs page built with the shortcode on the "Twenty Seventeen" WordPress theme.
Screenshot of a jobs page built with the shortcode on the “Twenty Seventeen” WordPress theme.

Don’t forget to add links to this page to your main menu so visitors can begin finding your jobs!

The Jobs Listing Page (using the archive template)

Updated on August 25, 2020

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