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How to Purchase Matador Jobs

So, you’ve answered all your pre-sales questions and you’ve made sure you satisfy all the prerequisites, and you’re ready to purchase a Matador Jobs Pro. Now what? Let’s explain the process for you.

Select Your Plan to Cart

First up, you’ll want to add your selected plan to the cart.

Not sure? It’s easy to upgrade (or downgrade) to a different subscription plan for Matador Jobs Pro, so don’t sweat accidentally picking the wrong plan.

Select Number of Sites

Each Matador Jobs Pro license grants you support and automatic updates for one site. If your company plans to use it on two or more sites, you can purchase upgraded plans with support for additional sites.

You only need to purchase and activate Matador Jobs Pro for your active, aka “production” or “live” site. You are allowed to use Matador on unlimited “staging”, “development”, or “test” sites.

On the checkout screen, you can choose the license option that is right for your company. Most companies only need support for one website–and don’t worry, staging or test websites don’t count toward your allotment.

Agencies and Web Developers should not purchase multi-site packages for multiple Bullhorn users. Bullhorn provides additional support to users of partner solutions like Matador Jobs and each Bullhorn customer should have their own license package with Matador Software. If you are an agency or web developer looking to deploy Matador Jobs Pro to multiple customers, contact us; we’d love to discuss partnership opportunities!

Complete Checkout

Now complete the rest of the checkout screen, including providing your contact information and credit card. Take note of the following tips/tricks:

  • The person checking out should be a representative of the end user, not a developer or agency. This is so that annual renewals are processed to the end user and not the developer/agency and so that the end user can easily log in and access account details should they need to reach out to Matador Software for support after the developer/agency completes their work.

It’s highly recommended that you use a general or team email address for your Matador Jobs Pro purchase and account. This will ensure that should you leave your role with your company, someone else can gain access to account in the event of a lost password. E.g.: instead of your-name@company.com use an email like accounting@company.com or info@company.com (just make sure it actually works)!

  • Please provide the company name as it would appear on Bullhorn records. As a Bullhorn Marketplace partner, we report our users back to Bullhorn to ensure a greater synergy between the customer support teams at Bullhorn and Matador Jobs.
  • Our EU-based customers must provide a VAT number.
  • You must accept our Terms and Conditions.
  • You may opt-in to our newsletter, where we send release notices and other helpful tips.

When you’ve finished filling out the form, click Complete Checkout to process your payment and record your order.

After Checkout

You will be redirected to a Purchase Confirmation page following the completion of your order. From this page you can:

  • Download a PDF Invoice/Receipt for your records.
  • Save your Matador Jobs Pro license key
  • Access a download of Matador Jobs Pro

Meanwhile, you’ll be sent two emails.

  • One contains your user id and password for MatadorJobs.com. This allows you to manage your subscription including cancelling or upgrading it, access license keys, and access invoices.
  • A second email contains your purchase receipt, license key, and download link (this is a duplicate of the Purchase Confirmation page).

Now What?

Now that you’ve completed your purchase, it’s time to install Matador Jobs Pro.

Updated on August 24, 2020

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