Here are some common terms used in the Matador Jobs documentation.

Callback URI
A callback URI is a special resource on the internet which is designed to listen for a specific kind communication from other internet resources.

In the case of Matador Jobs, the callback URI is where Matador listens for confirmation from Bullhorn of a successful authorization.
Uniform Resource Locator. Very similar to URI, but only the locator of a resource on the internet. Often, however, used interchangeably with URI.
Uniform Resource Identifier. It essentially means the name or locator of a resource on the internet.Often, however, used interchangeably with URL.
Redirect URI
A URI where a routine will redirect the traffic after something has occurred.

In the case of Matador Jobs, the redirect URI is where Bullhorn sends Matador Jobs confirmation of a successful authorization.
Application Programming Interface. It is a set of rules and instructions for accessing or updating data in an external system.
The combinations of keys, usernames, and passwords that make up the pieces required for a successful authorization into a system.
Representational State Transfer. It is a common architecture upon to build an API. Bullhorn and WordPress both have REST APIs.
Javascript Object Notation. It is an open standard file and data transfer format used by APIs to standardize the structure of transferred data between systems. Used by the Bullhorn and WordPress APIs.
Extensible Markup Language. It is a standard structured data language used to create XML-based file and data transfer formats. Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter, as well as many other data aggregation services use an XML structured data format to power their aggregation software.
Javascript Object Notation (JSON) for Data Linking. It is an open standard implementation of structured data.
Structured Data
Structured Data, and specifically Structured Data, is used to facilitate the standardization of data structure across the internet. Internet search providers prefer using Structured Data to build their search results (over “guessing” at the page’s contents using a web page-reading robot.

Google for Jobs Search only reads structured data to populate their job search, so job board web sites that do not implement valid Structured Data will not be included in Google for Jobs Search results.

Matador Jobs implements Structured Data with JSON+LD.
UTM Query String Variables
UTM, or Urchin Tracking Module, Query String Variables are special values you can add to any valid web request to pass additional information about the acquisition of that website visitor to a tracking system within your website. They help you understand how a visitor found a resource on your site, and are used by both Matador and other traffic monitoring tools like Google Analytics.
A cookie is a file saved on users computer containing information about the user’s actions on your website.
Private Browsing Session
Same as Incognito Browsing Session. This is where you use your web browser in a special mode that ignores all saved logins and cookies and which deletes data after you close the window. It’s as if you are using the web from a friend’s computer.
Incognito Browsing Session
Same as Private Browsing Session. This is where you use your web browser in a special mode that ignores all saved logins and cookies and which deletes data after you close the window. It’s as if you are using the web from a friend’s computer.
A shortcode is a special type of easy-to-use computer code that non-programmer WordPress users can use to add features from a plugin to a page or post. They are words enclosed in square brackets like our [matador_jobs] shortcode which makes a list of jobs.

Shortcodes can have arguments to customize their function. They are a word (the argument name) with an equal sing and then some values enclosed in quotes. Each are preceded by a space. So, to get a Matador Jobs search form with a keywords text field and a drop-down for categories, you’d make this shortcode: [matador_search fields="keyword,categories"].

Check out Matador Jobs Shortcodes help doc for more on our Shortcodes.
The General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union was the first major consumer privacy protection law, though now many jurisdictions at national, state/province, and even county and city levels have created similar laws. Matador looks to the GDPR as a guidepost when crafting privacy compliance.

Updated on August 11, 2020

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