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Change “Resume”, to “résumé” or “resumé”

So is it Resumerésumé or resumé?

Honestly, it’s up for debate and out of scope for the technical documentation for Matador Jobs. Ask around though and you’ll find ardent supports of all three versions of the same word, a French loanword meaning summary that, ironically, French speakers do not use to describe a summary of qualifications of a job seeker.

Want to delve deeper into this topic? We found this fun article about it you might enjoy reading this article on it: How to Spell Resume: Accents or Not? Résumé, Resumé?

Despite taking no position in the debate, Matador Jobs provides English speaking users the choice between “Resume” (no diacritics), “C.V.”, or “curriculum vitae.” We use the non-accented diacritic-free version of the word to avoid potential issues with foreign alphabet character sets. So what if you want the accented version of resume for your site?

We provide a simple to use developer filter as of version 3.7.3. See it in action below:

<?php //omit opening PHP tag
add_filter( 'matador_resume_or_cv', 'prefix_matador_resume_or_cv' );
 * Filter Output of Resume or CV Setting.
 * @since 2020-03-17
 * @param string $label
 * @return string
function prefix_matador_resume_or_cv( $label ) { // Use a unique 'prefix'
	$label = 'résumé';
	return $label;

Note: at the time of this writing, 3.7.3 was pending release for final testing.

Updated on March 17, 2021

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